Swiio Botanical Home Exhibition

The Swiio Botanical Home Exhibition is a collaborative project between Swiio Hotel and visual artist Eszter Chen exclusively in Swiio Yilan. Swiio Yilan is dedicated to cultivating and fostering a green ecological environment, enhancing the living experience of the vacation villa. The spaces are harmonized with every corner through plant styling and clever arrangement. 

Eszter was influenced by these concepts, aiming to create a series of visual images inspired by the lush greenery of nature in a unique way. The project involves observing the unique and captivating visual elements such as lines, shapes, and growth patterns of plants. These organic contours are then transformed into distinctive and imaginary visual images and elements, using concise and flowing lines, textures from paint brushes, covering by a diverse range of palettes inspired by Taiwan, resulting in a contemporary  and fantastical urban jungle with natural outdoor lighting. The art pieces are presented with a modern perspective, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a space rich in nature and art.

Title / Swiio Botanical Home Exhibition

Category / Mural Design, Key Visual Design, Exhibition
Photography / Swiio Yilan

Year / 2023

All images © Eszter Chen